Podcasts For Parents

The Best Podcasts For Parents

Parenting can at times become tedious and boring. Of course, nobody would get bored while being with little kids. But, while trying to achieve work-life balance alongside parenting, you start feeling left out from social chores. Things become even more difficult when you have to take care of your relationships as you juggle between home, work, and parenting.

Perhaps, it is for parents like you that those experienced with such circumstances contribute towards helping you achieve balance in life while parenting. You can now listen to plenty of parenting podcasts to freshen up your mind as you learn more about parenting. Here we list a few that we think are the best podcasts for parents. Make sure that you take care of your online safety before tuning in to them. If you know about setting VPN android or iOS, then you are good to go!

1. Mom & Dad Are Fighting

If you have questions about how to tackle your baby, the podcast “Mom and Dad are Fighting” is all that you need. Powered by Slate, this parenting podcasts attends different questions with dedicated episodes where the hosts Gabriel Roth, Allison Benedikt, and Carvell Wallace cover in detail how to handle your child. Nonetheless, the tone of the podcasts may sometimes be hard-hitting. So, make sure you do not listen to these podcasts while with your kids.

2. Scummy Mummies

Another amazing podcast that is enriched with a mockery is “Scummy Mummies”. Here, two British mums Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson share their views . Unlike most other parenting podcasts, these mums do not portray themselves as parenting guru. Rather they try to convey the message with a lighter and humorous tone that quickly raises up your mood.

3. Beardy Dads

While there are lots of podcasts for mums, some dads felt the need to create something for fathers as well. “Beardy Dads” is one such venture. This weekly podcast is hosted by two British fathers parenting young children. And yes, this is not only for ‘beardy’ dads, rather for all fathers. Started off in 2015, this podcast deals with all topics of a father’s interest, including baby births and other moves.